> Our work

We are committed to shaping your desirable online image.

The vast majority of our customers wish to keep our collaboration totally confidential. And of course, we don’t just fully respect this; we additionally pursue and secure this. This is why, all individuals and parts involved in joint projects, that exploit artificial intelligence tools and services, are obliged to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with strict binding clauses. We work hard to achieve your goals.

> Problems we solve

In Pulse and Opinion we turn data into actionable insights for our clients.

Some indicative problems we faced and managed to successfully solve are the following →

"My collaborations abroad halted, when a reputation issue arised in search engines giving a negative image of myself. The audience following my company on social media, had hundreds of thousands members, and I had to spend a lot of money on online advertising in left to leverage this.  How can I reach only potential customers, using the right budget?"

"Why am I invisible for search engines, while my competitor is on Google’s first page? What are they doing better than me, and customers can actually find them?"

"I need to know, what is the actual opinion of the public about me, in order to estimate if my actions have the expected impact, or if I need to redefine my strategy. In which locations the public has a positive opinion about me, and in which do they have a negative opinion, and for what reasons? "

"How can I provide totally personalized recommendations on my E-Shop to increase sales?"

"Which are the actual alternatives for managing my advertising budget, in order to avoid conflicts with harsh competition?"

"What kind of technology do I need to use on the site / app, i am developing, in order to have an impact on my industry, without spending an unreasonable budget?"