> About the firm

PnO utilizes state of the art deep learning algorithms. Its unified platform collects, analyzes and extracts valuable information from any kind of digital data.

> We extract

Identifying your digital trace.

We use leading data mining methods, extracting Big Data wherever they can be found, in order to identify the digital sentiment. Social media posts, news articles, comments on forum platforms, public discussions are all monitored and analysed.

> We plan

Planning the best marketing approach for your business.

According to the findings and the detailed data analysis, which is based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, we plan the best marketing approach and we execute a holistic communication strategy.

> We encure

Shielding and highlighting your business.

We shield your business by highlighting your uniqueness and ensuring that your product will be perceived by your audience the way it was intended.

> We get you online

Building your digital footprint together.

Do not be afraid to go online, as long as you don’t allow your services or personality to be “open” to interpretations. Let’s decide together what your footprint will be on the digital ecosystem.

> Our Team

Restless minds, mad scientists, eternal questioners

History has proven that these characteristics move our world forward. Let us do the same with your projects.